How is Heaven?

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What a shock!

No matter how long you lived the shock of losing your body must be a surprising  experience.  By shocking of course I mean surprising. I don’t think that leaving the body would be anything short of surprising but certainly not fearful or even sad. The shedding of ones body is similar to dropping the days clothes on the floor.  Of course you had all of your feelings and attachment to them while you were wearing them, but now the day is done and so to, you are done with that outfit without guilt or remorse.

Your clothes hit the floor without second thought. Being naked  at the end of the day can be a little bit of a shock or even a bit of surprise as your nakedness transitions into the new environment. The new environment is somewhat different now that you have dropped your clothes and everything that went with them.  Maybe it was your work uniform and your identity that goes with being that employee. Maybe it was a dress that you wore on date or to a wedding. Maybe it was just your everyday clothes or how you identify as the “true you” which still isn’t the true you. Not until your naked is the true you revealed and for most of us, if we feel like we are alone, we are comfortable and accepting with our nakedness. If there is a mirror in front of us we might as well be in front of someone else because a different part of ourselves begins to judge. That’s not our true self either. Being alone and naked is the closest thing to understanding what it might be like to shed the body.

What comes next after losing the body depends on your own personal beliefs.  Most would agree that there is a period of reflection on our experiences and lessons learned while wearing that body. Without the body you can move through those memories and experiences in a three dimensional fashion to take a close look at them and really fully understand them from a much different perspective. A perspective that doesn’t include the original attachment as the doer of the experiencer because now the experience is only to witness or observer. We’re able to view the experience as we would a movie without a personal attachment to the feelings of the moment.

What comes next many will agree will be the commune with the creator. The contact with this source will vary depending on what you believe. However, here is the twist on what you might expect to happen next.

The creator asks these three questions:

  1. How much did you learn about the true you?
  2. How much did you love in your time with a body designed for love?
  3. How was heaven?

Shocked Again!

I thought this was heaven?

If it’s not then where am I?

Where are all of my loved ones?

Am I in hell?

Do I have to stay here?

The creator shows you all of the power that had been bestowed upon you to live exactly how you wanted to live. The creator reveals to you that you had all the same abilities to create that creator has. The creator reveals to you that you are the creator and your loved ones have returned to heaven form where you have come.


You begin to form all of the arguments as to why that can’t be. Recalling all of the injustices in the world and even in your own life. The creator reveals to you that while you have all of the power and energy of the creator you’re not the only one and that most creators are as completely unaware of their power as you have been. Some creators are so unaware of their power that they allow the mistakes of others shape their creativity and they become the ones who create the evil and injustice. Only then do they realize their power and by then they use their power create more of the same or worse. They are completely unaware that they have the ability to change it at any time and being right in that moment to create something new and better.

At some point each creator is called to shed their body and review their creation in heaven while they had the chance. Then they are given the option to return to heaven to try again or to remain in the state that they are in without a body to use their full awareness and energy to assist the creators in heaven. This comes at the ultimate sacrifice because not only will they be not able to experience love without a body, they will no longer be able to reconnect the same way they did before with the people they loved. The people whom they were hoping to meet again at this stage. The reason they decide to remain in the state of no body is to become the wind at the back of those creators they wish to help, to be the energy and inspiration they need to move mountains. Until that creator decides to return to heaven again.

My questions to you is:

  1. How is heaven today?
  2. How much are you loving today?
  3. What are you creating today?