Facebook Users Beware

You’re too late ~ Elon Musk

Are you angry and upset about what Facebook has done with your personal data, your pictures and your information?

Frankly, I’m a bit surprised that they are pandering to the outcry. They don’t  have to explain or apologize for their actions at all and yet they are issuing press releases and publicly stating that they will fix the problem, all to calm you down, in the hopes that you won’t leave.

Let me explain…

As early as the 1600’s there has been mail order sales. In 1744 Ben Franklin produced a catalogue of academic books to be sold through the mail. In 1872 a man by the name of Aron Montgomery Ward began selling goods from his general store direct to the consumer through the mail. He coined the term direct sales by cutting out the middle man and going direct to the consumer, changing the way business was done forever. In 1917 The Direct Marketing Association was invented and in 1928 third class bulk mail was established.

What does this have to do with your precious data?

As marketers built upon Wards idea they needed a way to target the customer they wanted to target so that they were not wasting their advertising dollars trying to mail advertisements for beauty supplies to homes that only had a male living in them or likewise trying to advertise mens work boots to widows.

The mailing list was born. Aside from the goods and services being sold the targeted mailing list business has been one of the biggest revenue producing business world wide since the early 1930’s

The modern term for targeted mailing list is data gathering…

The whole internet is responsible for data gathering and it is what is fueling the economy. Data gathering is a good thing, if you’re a widow you don’t want to see ads for mens work boots in your Facebook news feed likewise, if you are a heterosexual man you don’t want see ads for makeup and female beauty supplies in your news feed. It gets better than that though, because Facebook, Google, and others are collecting so much data on you they know exactly what type of work boots and makeup you wear so you see exactly what you want in your news feed.

Your data is not yours…

Facebook owns your account and the content stored on it, you have the right to add and remove content to it as much as you like but once its there its theirs. I know for some of you that might make you mad or even outraged that fact was hidden from you in the fine print. Honestly what information are you afraid that they have that they might sell to someone else anyway?

Take a stand and show the man who’s in charge…

I admit none of this is very comforting so lets say you decide to take a stand and your going to delete your Facebook maybe your Instagram and possibly all of your social media accounts. This is not going to stop data collection and targeted marketing to you because you still have a smart phone and it’s listening to you and watching you all of the time.  Now let’s say you decide to get rid of your smart phone… well don’t forget to get rid of your Google home and or Alexa, your Amazon fire stick with voice remote and you might want to think about cancelling the cable while you’re at it. Ok just get rid of everything and build a log cabin in the woods that will end data gathering and targeted marketing right… wrong. You would have to live in the cabin and never see anyone who possesses any of the equipment that you painstakingly got rid of and you would not be able to rejoin society because there are cameras everywhere. Below is a picture of my night job office.


That is a camera and a tablet computer in the truck I drive for work so even if I wanted to live off grid I couldn’t.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Elon Musk said in his interview with Joe Rogan that “it is too late”. We can’t stop the machine that has been created the collecting and sharing of data will continue with or with out your consent and or knowledge. It is far beyond a Facebook issue and even if they decide to stop collecting data today there are to many other nodes on the AI system that will continue to do it; every smart phone, camera, and computer connected to a phone line and or the internet can and does collect data 100% of the time without exception and without fail. The AI already knows far more about you than you realize because you are non-stop programing it and so is everyone else. Every tweet, every post, picture and video. It’s not going to stop and there is no off switch. No need to whine and cry about it we live in the best times imaginable and things are only going to get better as our world becomes completely customized to our personal preferences.

A Better Life for FREE

We call it social media but they are data sharing platforms. The first data sharing platforms were the printed page, then the telegraph, then the phone, and so on. They all required payments for use and only a select few could use them. The data sharing platforms now are the best in history and we don’t even pay to use them, sure we pay for our internet connection but we don’t pay anything to use the platform that is continuing to change the lives for so many. It has completely revolutionized how we communicate and do business. And for all the nay sayers out there I don’t see you not one click ordering or posting a picture of your vacations any more. The internet has its flaws like anything else but the upside far outweighs the down side. It is responsible for more humanitarian efforts than anything else in history. Facebook has raised more money for charities and non-profits than any single entity.


I am sympathetic to the concerns over security that criminals will have access to our personal data and they will be able to steal our identity or our money or know where we live and and rob our home. Criminals that want to do those types of things are going to do them with or without Facebook and Facebook is not selling  our information to those types of people because  Facebook doesn’t benefit from that transaction at all. Facebook and other social media platforms benefit by selling your data to legitimate companies like Amazon who will in turn pay top dollar for the information then spend even more money running specifically targeted adds to you in your news feed. Google and Microsoft are doing the exact same thing. So stop being so outraged that these companies that have given us the modern world we live in at no cost are trying to make money doing it. Isn’t that what a companies is supposed to do?

The cost of doing business

It is not cheap to run the type of infrastructure that it takes to run a company like Facebook. Its expensive to allow you to produce a live video or to store endless pictures of your kids birthdays so lets not demonize these companies for making money by selling direct marketing sales lists to legitimate companies that are willing to pay top dollar for them.  As I write this, the U.S. stock market is in free fall so the last thing we need to do at this time is end what will be the greatest marketing tool and job creator in the 21st century beating the Television by miles.

How Would You Know it was Him?

If the Lord appeared today how would you know it was Him?

Do you even care?

Let’s assume you do care and you are waiting by the door like a pup who hears the masters car pull into the drive.

What do you expect is going to happen next?

Why should you expect anything?

How many people believed it was Him the 1st time? Only 12 knew for sure and thousands of other stood by and witnessed the signs and miracles.

How would you expect him to look?

Did he look the part the 1st time?

Was it the way he looked that created the following or was it His message?

As a Jew, as a Nazarene, he didn’t look the part he was not what they had wished for or hoped for.

What would you expect Him to do?

Do you think He will travel from Church to Church rewarding all of those who have sacrificed and given until it hurts?

Are you excited to see how he will condemn all of those who didn’t  believe, all of those who didn’t follow, all of those who cursed his name. Surely  it will be exciting to see how the faithful and righteous are rewarded and how the wicked and evil are condemned.

What will happen to you if you miss his return?

Are you certain you won’t miss him because you are keeping watch and you have faith that your deeds and action won’t allow you to miss him?

Who are you to believe about what door you are to watch for HIs return?

Is it Peter? “But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, and then the heavens will pass away with a roar, and the heavenly bodies will be burned up and dissolved, and the earth and the works that are done on it will be exposed (2Peter 3:10 ESV)” Is it Pauls writings in Revelations? “Behold, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him, and all tribes of the earth will wail on account of him. Even so. Amen (REV 1:7 ESV).”

You see the signs all around you and you are hoping and wishing and praying for His return yet you are not even prepared.

Are you doing any of the things He said to do or that Paul said to do?“Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone…(John 8:7 NIV). “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching (Hebrew 10: 24-25 NIV).”


Are you just standing around judging one another?

Finding new ways to dislike each other and growing more contemptuous with the way things are going, failing to see the beauty that life has to offer right in front of you? Are you drunk and angry, hurt and upset, that this life didn’t go the way you thought is should? Are you wishing it would be over and that the Lord you you love would come and judge the justice from the unjust the right and the wrong and deliver you to the heaven that you know you deserve.


Are you afraid are you living in fear, covered in shame, radiating anxiety?

You know you have done wrong, that you have made mistakes and there doesn’t seem to be enough prayers, or confessions, or memorized verses to save you. You know you are the one that will be judged and there is nothing you can do about it. Therefore, you compare and judge your sins, and your mistakes against everyone else. You justify that you are not as bad as other or that you are worse.

Either Way

You’re living in misery, like a pup watching the door waiting for the master to step through so that you may be rewarded for your good behavior or punished for your mistake.

What if the He was here right now?

What if He wasn’t going to do any of those things that you expected Him to do?

How would you know it was him?

Would you be one of the 12 who got a front row seat or one of the thousands who believed and truly followed? Or would you let it all pass by without taking a look because you were too tired or too busy or just simply didn’t care?


Will you be like the Sanhedrin and judge Him be cause he doesn’t look the way you think he should. Will you dismiss Him because he doesn’t sound how you think he should? Will you judge and scrutinize His every word trying to disprove what he is says when you know in your heart it is the truth.

The Answer

You will never know and neither will I.

However, I will listen to and learn from a teacher that speaks like Him. That teaches like Him. I will listen and learn from a teacher who has understanding and compassion for me and for the world. A teacher  who wants to me and the rest of the world to be happy. I will listen to and learn from a teacher who loves everyone the same way He loves me, including those who don’t understand and those who are in prison and those who hate.

I will not miss an opportunity to learn what kind of life my creator truly had planned for me just because the teacher was not what everyone else told me to look for. I may not have learned very much in 41 years but I have learned that NO ONE can tell ANYONE what is TRUE, you just know it when you see it and hear it


Thank you for reading I would love your feedback.

Will Wearable Technology Help You Succeed?

If you have been watching my videos on Facebook it’s no secret that I have hit a plateau both with weight loss and running performance. After consulting with a few experts I knew I needed to make some changes to break out of the rut.



I discovered that the Nike Run Club (NRC) app I have been using to track my progress also offered free coaching so I put it to work. The challenges that it put forth were not what I expected.

I love to run unencumbered which is why I invested into this technology in the first place. I wanted to have my music and tracking all built into my watch so that I didn’t have to strap my phone to my arm or worse have it banging around in my pocket.


I discovered that the Apple Watch and NRC offered this solution. I also discovered that NRC offers goal training for marathoners and other fitness goals with one problem. The custom coaching sessions are not offered on the watch, so you won’t hear the prompts from the coach steam through your wireless headphones unless you have your phone on your body, (back to the drawing board).

I gave feedback on the app to try and get an answer that came in an email days latter. I wanted a faster response so I reached out on Twitter to get an answer and was pleasantly surprised at the results.


I’m so excited that big companies are making themselves available on social media to take a genuine interest in their customers. The tired old email that was generated to answer my question days latter did nothing to bring clarity to the situation.

I have since learned that I can use my watch to record my runs and manually tag them as the run that was scheduled for the day  by the coaching part of the app. Even though this does not entirely solve my problem I am satisfied knowing how to make it work and I have no doubt that it will improve in the future.

The other major challenge that the marathon training on the NRC app put forth was it was incredible difficult in an unexpected way.  The app starts by asking  how much I run, how fast I run, and how far I run, then it builds a plan that lasts 26 weeks.

The challenge was that I was way underperforming my usual routine by running much slower and for shorter distances. This proved to be incredibly mentally challenging. Once again I consulted with the experts and they said this is a great way to trick my body and mind to break out of the plateau. The NRC app will increase the millage and speed over time.

Finally, the other major change I made this week was joining Planet Fitness. I have a home gym with a great Nordictrack Treadmill but it was becoming more and more difficult to get out there to use it for some reason. Not being in nature or around other people really brings me down so joining the gym helped solve one of those problems. Now I just have to remember not sing my favorite Selena Gomez, and Rhianna, songs out loud and at the top of my lungs. 🙂


Thank you for reading I hope this post inspired you to run your life!

I hope that it also served you in some way and helped answer question that you may have had. I would love your feedback, drop me a line if you have the time.

Thanks, Ned Noon

Top 3 Ways to Balance New Things.


The past few weeks have been tricky, returning to school full time to study for a Masters in Psychology with an emphasis on Life Coaching. Making extreme changes to my diet to improve my running results, and of course working 55 hours week at night while trying to build my personal brand during the day.

As you can imagine not everything worked out. Running suffered with the dietary changes until I watched a short video from an excellent running coach on Twitter.


Kyle Kranz @kyle_j_kranz is an awesome guy with a ton of knowledge, education, and most of all experience. This one video helped me change my perspective on my diet and made me realize that I have to do what is right for me and for my body. The results were amazing, not only did I feel happier and have more energy but I also had more fuel to run with.


School also cut into my training schedule and enthusiasm for running as well as my ability to all the things I need to do for my business like writing this post (what I really love doing).

Adding new things to your life to accomplish your goals comes with sacrifice. However these don’t have to be permeant or even a complete sacrifices. Here are the top 3 ways I have learned to add balance in all of my activities rather than sacrifice.

  1. Accept; that the new thing is going to be disruptive and cut into the time allotted to other things this may include recreation time (ie. Netflix marathons). Realizing that your long term goal is greater than short term pleasure will allow you to appreciate the pleasure when you’ve accomplished the goal. ***NOTE*** sacrificing time that you spend with other especially family should NOT be part of this sacrifice, those are appointment times that should not waiver because they are paramount to your success.
  2. Forgive; realizing that you are outperforming a previous version of yourself should give you the ability to forgive yourself for what is not getting done, or what may need to be trimmed or cut temporary. In my example of eating  I realized I am doing a lot of high-level thinking that requires a lot more sugar then if I was just training for a marathon. As much as I wanted to cut all sugar and carbs from my diet because that’s what everyone who is achieving great results is doing that isn’t right for me.  My activities that require so much more from me including that extra level of enthusiasm. Forgiving myself for not doing what all of my heroes and mentors are doing boosted my happiness, energy, and excitement, to do things I need to do and the things I love.
  3. Breath; there is no way I would be able to accomplish as many thing as I do everyday if weren’t for my meditation practice. I spend 20 minutes every day creating time by paying attention to my breath. I practice a meditation called Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY Meditation). The more thing you add to your schedule the more tendency there is to hold your breath, before you know it your holding your breath until you explode or die. Subconsciously  holding your breath leads to higher levels of stress which is counter productive to productivity. Holding your breath can contributes to illness and disease which is really counter productive to productivity. It may seem counter intuitive to add 15- 20 minutes of breathing to an already busy schedule but I promise you that if you try it for 30 days you will be amazed at how much more you can get done. A reporter who was following Gandhi once asked him how he was able to meditate 2 time a day when he was so busy and what he did when his schedule was overloaded and didn’t’t allow for that time to breath. His answer was that on the days when the schedule was overloaded to the point of cutting into his meditation time he would meditate 3 times that day.

The most important thing I hope to have said here today is how important it is to be nice to yourself especially in the pursuit of your goals. I hope I have conveyed the importance of acceptance of new tasks to an already busy schedule knowing that the pay off is going to be monumentally greater then a few extra hours of T.V. but not greater than time spent with family and friends. I hope that you can see the importance to forgive yourself during these periods of extreme growth that it’s more than ok not to be perfect. Finally that you remember what you are doing this all for, to create a better life for yourself and those you love so it’s paramount that you love yourself enough to breath.

Thanks for reading I really love your comments and I really know that I am making a difference when you share this with people you love.

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Free Medicine for Mental Health

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at young age. I was medicated for many years and I thought that I grew out of these symptoms as I got older.  I realized as I got older and quit smoking weed and drinking that my anxiety had lightened up a lot, but I still had strong swings of depression.

I noticed that my depression worsened as the seasons changed from fall to to winter and the days became shorter and there was far less sunlight. I was later diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

This diagnosis gave me hope because for the first time I understood that there was a pattern to depression, I wasn’t stuck with it permanently. I also discovered that there was a connection between being outside in nature surrounded by trees and getting sunlight on my skin that helped to bring it to an end.

Then I quit smoking cigarettes in 2016 and everything changed again. I had no idea how many chemicals were in cigarettes that were medicating and suppressing my symptoms of both anxiety and depression. Within in a month of being smoke free and just getting started running I thought I was losing my mind.

My anxiety was through the roof with days of extreme paranoia. Two of my friends dies in a short period of time and my youngest child moved out of the house. Everything about my life was different and I was completely freaking out. If it wasn’t extreme paranoia that day it was thoughts of ending it, or just not wanting to get out of bed.

I made one commitment to myself that I would not stop running and stay off the cigarettes for one whole year. Day after day things were starting to change. I noticed on the days that I pushed myself harder I had less paranoid thoughts and was morel likely to get out of bed the next day.

I quit smoking in January which was hard because of the added seasonal affective disorder. Spring came along and I began to run outside my depression, anxiety, and paranoid thinking greatly decreased. I tested the theory that is was the running and being outside, all had to do was not run for a few days and I went right back down the rabbit whole.

Running and being in nature are two most powerful prescription for my mental health and they are free.

There is a ton of research on the effects of exercise and sunlight on mental health. I hope that that my personal experience helps you to see the light at the end of what seem like a very long and dark tunnel.

Running has become my free mental health medicine. I now have treadmill that I use on days that I can’t get outside and it definitely helps end both anxiety and depression. I love my free medicine and I hope it helps you too.

The picture above is my update for this weeks marathon training. I have dramatically increased my millage from an average of 2-3 miles to 3-5 miles with an 8 mile long day. I hope your enjoying following me on this journey as I train for my first marathon.

Thanks for being a part of this journey with me and I hope that I have brought something of value to you as well. Please share this post with someone you know who is struggling with anxiety and depression. Maybe running can help them too.

My 1st Marathon to Honor My Grandfather 1918-2018

A few weeks ago the man on the right in the photograph above passed away at 100 years old. He was my grandfather, Archie J. Noon, born July 8, 1918 – September 11, 2018.  He left behind a blueprint to good living. The teachings that he instilled in me at a young age, and so many others, were his legacy.

That’s me in the middle of that photograph. The man on my left is my father, Ned. I’m holding a trophy for being one of the youngest runners in the one mile fun run for the Detroit Free Press Marathon. The year was 1982.

This was a very unlikely run for me because I was born with breathing difficulties and had to be given oxygen at birth. I was flown to the University of Michigan Mott hospital where I stayed for several days.

I didn’t run again until I was in middle school. I was kinda forced by my mother to join cross country.  I think she knew I only had two things I was focusing on in my life, smoking cigarettes and girls.

Once I started in cross country my Grandfather would pick me up early in the morning on Saturdays to go run at Kensington Metro Park in Milford, Michigan.  He convinced me, (the cigarette smoking, oxygen deficient, last place, cross country runner), that we could run the 8 mile loop around the whole park, in one day.  We would run a little and walk a little.  About half way through, when there was no turning back, Grandpa walked off the trail where he had stashed a water canteen for us to drink and take a break.

He would only ever focus on the joy of the process and he never lectured during the runs. He would help me with my technique and posture and he never brought up smoking or anything I was doing wrong outside of that moment. He would reward us with pancakes and sausage from McDonalds on the way home.

In 10th grade my girlfriend was pregnant and I dropped out of high school to start my family with her. 25 years later smoking cigarettes and weed, experimenting with drugs and drinking had caught up to me.

It took me nearly a decade to drop all of the bad habits I had acquired and in 2016, I dropped the hardest one of all, smoking.

I knew I would gain weight from quitting smoking so I began running. My Grandfather was 98 and in wheelchair so I could’t rely on his guidance. I wanted so badly to share my progress with him and I did, only to his frustration, because he was in a wheelchair and he wasn’t happy about it. I thought I could make up for a lifetime of disappointment to him by showing him that I was applying the lessons that he taught me, but sadly, it was too late. He was too upset with his own circumstances at that point and missing my Granny to much to care.

I still went to visit and continued to run because it was the only thing that was keeping me off the cigarettes and helping me with my angry feelings from not having cigarettes. People say you’re supposed to be over those withdrawal feelings in few weeks or months but for me it took a lot longer and if I go too long without running, I start thinking about smoking.

I have become obsessed with running and it has become a big part of my life. I usually run 2-3 miles 4-5 times per week. Additionally, I started taking some all natural supplements a few months ago that caused me to lose 25 pounds and increase my performance.

The passing of my Grandfather on September 11 this year sparked something in me that I can’t seem to shake. He was an Icon in the community he lived in and helped and inspired so many people. I couldn’t ever go anywhere in that town without some saying to me, “You’re Archies grandson, aren’t you?” My grandfather ran the very 1st Detroit Free Press Marathon in 1977 the year I was born and now I am gladly picking up the torch as he has laid it down.

I recently finished my bachelor’s in Theology from Grand Canyon University and I am returning for my Masters in Life Coaching this month. I have had a life of teaching and inspiration from this man that will not go to waste.

Today I am honoring my Grandfather by carrying on his legacy and by creating one of my own. I plan to use this blog to document my journey of trying for my 1st Marathon that I plan to run in October of 2019. I plan to share my progress and struggles here each week.

To kick it off I’d like to share my starting line with you today on 10/3/2018 Below is a picture I took today of the scale. Next week I will share my Nike Run Club Data gathered by my Apple Watch.

I don’t have my Grandfather here to coach me along so I’m on my own with Youtube videos and Runners Magazine. I would love your support as well if you have any useful tips or comments or if you would like to join me on this journey I would love to have companionship. You can also help by just sharing and discussing to keep me accountable.  A side from quitting smoking, this is going to be the biggest challenge I’ve ever done and I’d be thrilled to have your support.

Thank You.



How is Heaven?

blue blue sky bright cloudiness

What a shock!

No matter how long you lived the shock of losing your body must be a surprising  experience.  By shocking of course I mean surprising. I don’t think that leaving the body would be anything short of surprising but certainly not fearful or even sad. The shedding of ones body is similar to dropping the days clothes on the floor.  Of course you had all of your feelings and attachment to them while you were wearing them, but now the day is done and so to, you are done with that outfit without guilt or remorse.

Your clothes hit the floor without second thought. Being naked  at the end of the day can be a little bit of a shock or even a bit of surprise as your nakedness transitions into the new environment. The new environment is somewhat different now that you have dropped your clothes and everything that went with them.  Maybe it was your work uniform and your identity that goes with being that employee. Maybe it was a dress that you wore on date or to a wedding. Maybe it was just your everyday clothes or how you identify as the “true you” which still isn’t the true you. Not until your naked is the true you revealed and for most of us, if we feel like we are alone, we are comfortable and accepting with our nakedness. If there is a mirror in front of us we might as well be in front of someone else because a different part of ourselves begins to judge. That’s not our true self either. Being alone and naked is the closest thing to understanding what it might be like to shed the body.

What comes next after losing the body depends on your own personal beliefs.  Most would agree that there is a period of reflection on our experiences and lessons learned while wearing that body. Without the body you can move through those memories and experiences in a three dimensional fashion to take a close look at them and really fully understand them from a much different perspective. A perspective that doesn’t include the original attachment as the doer of the experiencer because now the experience is only to witness or observer. We’re able to view the experience as we would a movie without a personal attachment to the feelings of the moment.

What comes next many will agree will be the commune with the creator. The contact with this source will vary depending on what you believe. However, here is the twist on what you might expect to happen next.

The creator asks these three questions:

  1. How much did you learn about the true you?
  2. How much did you love in your time with a body designed for love?
  3. How was heaven?

Shocked Again!

I thought this was heaven?

If it’s not then where am I?

Where are all of my loved ones?

Am I in hell?

Do I have to stay here?

The creator shows you all of the power that had been bestowed upon you to live exactly how you wanted to live. The creator reveals to you that you had all the same abilities to create that creator has. The creator reveals to you that you are the creator and your loved ones have returned to heaven form where you have come.


You begin to form all of the arguments as to why that can’t be. Recalling all of the injustices in the world and even in your own life. The creator reveals to you that while you have all of the power and energy of the creator you’re not the only one and that most creators are as completely unaware of their power as you have been. Some creators are so unaware of their power that they allow the mistakes of others shape their creativity and they become the ones who create the evil and injustice. Only then do they realize their power and by then they use their power create more of the same or worse. They are completely unaware that they have the ability to change it at any time and being right in that moment to create something new and better.

At some point each creator is called to shed their body and review their creation in heaven while they had the chance. Then they are given the option to return to heaven to try again or to remain in the state that they are in without a body to use their full awareness and energy to assist the creators in heaven. This comes at the ultimate sacrifice because not only will they be not able to experience love without a body, they will no longer be able to reconnect the same way they did before with the people they loved. The people whom they were hoping to meet again at this stage. The reason they decide to remain in the state of no body is to become the wind at the back of those creators they wish to help, to be the energy and inspiration they need to move mountains. Until that creator decides to return to heaven again.

My questions to you is:

  1. How is heaven today?
  2. How much are you loving today?
  3. What are you creating today?