Will Wearable Technology Help You Succeed?

If you have been watching my videos on Facebook it’s no secret that I have hit a plateau both with weight loss and running performance. After consulting with a few experts I knew I needed to make some changes to break out of the rut.



I discovered that the Nike Run Club (NRC) app I have been using to track my progress also offered free coaching so I put it to work. The challenges that it put forth were not what I expected.

I love to run unencumbered which is why I invested into this technology in the first place. I wanted to have my music and tracking all built into my watch so that I didn’t have to strap my phone to my arm or worse have it banging around in my pocket.


I discovered that the Apple Watch and NRC offered this solution. I also discovered that NRC offers goal training for marathoners and other fitness goals with one problem. The custom coaching sessions are not offered on the watch, so you won’t hear the prompts from the coach steam through your wireless headphones unless you have your phone on your body, (back to the drawing board).

I gave feedback on the app to try and get an answer that came in an email days latter. I wanted a faster response so I reached out on Twitter to get an answer and was pleasantly surprised at the results.


I’m so excited that big companies are making themselves available on social media to take a genuine interest in their customers. The tired old email that was generated to answer my question days latter did nothing to bring clarity to the situation.

I have since learned that I can use my watch to record my runs and manually tag them as the run that was scheduled for the day  by the coaching part of the app. Even though this does not entirely solve my problem I am satisfied knowing how to make it work and I have no doubt that it will improve in the future.

The other major challenge that the marathon training on the NRC app put forth was it was incredible difficult in an unexpected way.  The app starts by asking  how much I run, how fast I run, and how far I run, then it builds a plan that lasts 26 weeks.

The challenge was that I was way underperforming my usual routine by running much slower and for shorter distances. This proved to be incredibly mentally challenging. Once again I consulted with the experts and they said this is a great way to trick my body and mind to break out of the plateau. The NRC app will increase the millage and speed over time.

Finally, the other major change I made this week was joining Planet Fitness. I have a home gym with a great Nordictrack Treadmill but it was becoming more and more difficult to get out there to use it for some reason. Not being in nature or around other people really brings me down so joining the gym helped solve one of those problems. Now I just have to remember not sing my favorite Selena Gomez, and Rhianna, songs out loud and at the top of my lungs. 🙂


Thank you for reading I hope this post inspired you to run your life!

I hope that it also served you in some way and helped answer question that you may have had. I would love your feedback, drop me a line if you have the time.

Thanks, Ned Noon

Free Medicine for Mental Health

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at young age. I was medicated for many years and I thought that I grew out of these symptoms as I got older.  I realized as I got older and quit smoking weed and drinking that my anxiety had lightened up a lot, but I still had strong swings of depression.

I noticed that my depression worsened as the seasons changed from fall to to winter and the days became shorter and there was far less sunlight. I was later diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

This diagnosis gave me hope because for the first time I understood that there was a pattern to depression, I wasn’t stuck with it permanently. I also discovered that there was a connection between being outside in nature surrounded by trees and getting sunlight on my skin that helped to bring it to an end.

Then I quit smoking cigarettes in 2016 and everything changed again. I had no idea how many chemicals were in cigarettes that were medicating and suppressing my symptoms of both anxiety and depression. Within in a month of being smoke free and just getting started running I thought I was losing my mind.

My anxiety was through the roof with days of extreme paranoia. Two of my friends dies in a short period of time and my youngest child moved out of the house. Everything about my life was different and I was completely freaking out. If it wasn’t extreme paranoia that day it was thoughts of ending it, or just not wanting to get out of bed.

I made one commitment to myself that I would not stop running and stay off the cigarettes for one whole year. Day after day things were starting to change. I noticed on the days that I pushed myself harder I had less paranoid thoughts and was morel likely to get out of bed the next day.

I quit smoking in January which was hard because of the added seasonal affective disorder. Spring came along and I began to run outside my depression, anxiety, and paranoid thinking greatly decreased. I tested the theory that is was the running and being outside, all had to do was not run for a few days and I went right back down the rabbit whole.

Running and being in nature are two most powerful prescription for my mental health and they are free.

There is a ton of research on the effects of exercise and sunlight on mental health. I hope that that my personal experience helps you to see the light at the end of what seem like a very long and dark tunnel.

Running has become my free mental health medicine. I now have treadmill that I use on days that I can’t get outside and it definitely helps end both anxiety and depression. I love my free medicine and I hope it helps you too.

The picture above is my update for this weeks marathon training. I have dramatically increased my millage from an average of 2-3 miles to 3-5 miles with an 8 mile long day. I hope your enjoying following me on this journey as I train for my first marathon.

Thanks for being a part of this journey with me and I hope that I have brought something of value to you as well. Please share this post with someone you know who is struggling with anxiety and depression. Maybe running can help them too.